I. mainstream main‧stream 1 [ˈmeɪnstriːm] noun
1. the mainstream of something the most usual way of doing something or thinking about something:

• Depression-era laws have kept banks out of the mainstream of financial change.

2. the mainstream the people whose ideas about a subject are shared by most people and regarded as normal:

• He told readers he was trying to move the newspaper out of the opposition into the mainstream.

  [m0] II. mainstream mainstream 2 adjective
1. relating to the most frequent or usual way of doing or thinking about something:

• The company has been selling interests that it considers to be outside its mainstream businesses.

• The shop now caters for the mainstream market .

2. suitable for normal people, rather than for a particular section of society:

• They made the clothes less high-fashion and more mainstream.

* * *

mainstream UK US /ˈmeɪnstriːm/ adjective
mainstream organizations, ideas, etc. are those that are considered normal, and accepted or used by most people: mainstream media/press »

Mainstream media are ignoring the real problems.

mainstream culture/politics/society »

Cell phones have been a part of mainstream culture since the 1990s.

mainstream education/school »

It should be possible to include children with behavioural problems within mainstream education.

mainstream UK US /ˈmeɪnstriːm/ noun [S]
the way of life or set of beliefs practised or accepted by most people: cultural/political mainstream »

Our nation's political mainstream will never allow such a constitutional change.


The new law should allow more disabled people to enter the mainstream of the American workforce.

mainstream UK US /ˈmeɪnstriːm/ verb [T]
HR, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to include people who have particular difficulties or needs in the same schools or places of work as everyone else: »

When the children of immigrants are mainstreamed, they learn the new language within months.

mainstream sb into sth »

People with disabilities are being mainstreamed into community jobs.

to make something become accepted as normal by most people: »

The recession is mainstreaming the part-time economy.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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